Your Aim in Life/Your Future Plan of Life- Composition

Your Aim in Life/Your Future Plan of Life


Aim simply means an ambition or desire for one’s future which helps in keeping attention focused on a particular target. Everyone must have a definite aim or goal in life; otherwise, he may be splashed away from the right track of life. There is a wise saying that a man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. So, it is very essential to fix a particular aim at the beginning of life, especially, in the student life as it is the time of preparation for future life.

My Aim in Life composition focus-composition

Now I am a student and it is the right time for me to choose an aim or a profession for future life. I thought over it for many days. In my course of thinking I feel that it is really difficult to set a future aim of life in this problematic life and age. However, at last I have made up my mind to become a doctor. Certainly there are reasonable causes behind my choice.

I am, by nature, not self-centered; rather, enjoy serving the poor, the helpless and the distressed. Once I thought of spending my life only by serving people but did not think of how to earn my livelihood. Gradually I realized that that was a good and noble thinking but not based on fact. With the passage of time I feel that I should choose a profession which will be helpful to serve the people and at the same time to earn enough to lead a prestigious life. I think being a doctor can fulfill the criteria. So I have decided to become a doctor.

There are other reasons for my future plan. One day I was going through newspaper when my eyes caught on a news saying, most of the doctors employed for the rural Health Centers don’t go to village to discharge their duties; rather, they are busy with their private chambers. That news not only wondered but also shocked me. How the villagers can get the service of an M.B.B.S doctor if attempts taken by government fail such a way? That day I thought if I could be an M.B.B.S doctor in future.

Now becoming a doctor is my fixed aim. I am a science student and moving on the right track to fulfill my dream. After passing M.B.B.S, I will try to get a job or set up a private chamber to earn money by practicing medicine. At the same time, I will set up a free medical center in our village market. I will serve at least two days a week in that health center and give treatment and medicine free of cost to the poor villagers. I will spend my knowledge, skill and earned money to provide them with free medical facilities.

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