Wonder of Modern Science / Science in Everyday Life- Composition

Wonder of Modern Science / Science in Everyday Life


Modern civilization is the contribution of science. That we have got the present world through step by step development age by age is mainly the scientific development. We enjoy the fruits of thousands of scientific inventions in our everyday life that was possible by untiring efforts of many scientists from time immemorial. There is no sphere of life which has not been enriched by the blessings of science.

The wonders of modern science have dazzled man’s eyes. There was an age when man had to travel either on animal’s back or on foot. Since the invention of wheel, man has crossed a long way which has led him to inventing hypersonic plane and space traveler rocket. In fact he has conquered the distance by these inventions.

Wonders of Modern Science-composition

Invention of electricity has changed the whole world overnight. We have now hundreds of devices and daily appliances like light, fan, refrigerator, iron, heater, motor, air conditioner and so on that run on electric power which has made our life easy, comfortable and tension-free. At the same time, motor engine has given animation to our modern age. There is no machinery or mills or factory, or any modern working device, in which motor is not used.

Communication is the nervous system of the modern world. Radio, television, cinema, telegraph, telephone, mobile phone, recording system, fax, internet have changed our life mysteriously. We can now send message from one corner of the world to another within a second.

In the field of medical science, inventions of X-Ray, E. C. G, Ultra-sonography and different treatment methods are helping recover the dying patients. Using power tiller and other agricultural tools, chemical fertilizer, insecticides and hybrid technology has brought about a revolution in agriculture sector.

Science has contributed much to facilitate and expedite the spreading of education through the invention of paper, printing press and ultra-modern printing technology.

Invention of computer is the greatest wonder of modern science. Truly speaking, in this age, computer is reigning all over the previous inventions mankind has ever made possible. Using internet technology with computer has brought another revolution for man. It has made world fastest which is beyond imagination. It has turned the world a global village.

Though the inventions of science are blessings for human life, it has dark sides too. Invention of dreadful weapons like missiles, atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb has made the world endangered. Science has given us motion but taken away emotion. As a result men are losing moral values and humane relationship day by day.

Science has not only provided our life with modern facilities but it has made us scientific being also. Due to advancement of science, men are now more rational in nature. Tendency to lead life based on knowledge is on the increase. It is high time man decided whether he would abuse science to destroy himself or utilize properly to survive in the only world.

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