Winter in Bangladesh- Composition

Winter in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is the land of six seasons. In different seasons, Bangladesh assumes various heart-touching impressive looks. Winter is one of these six seasons. It comes after the Late-Autumn or Hemanta.

Winter comprises of the two Bengali months Paush and Magh, But in fact, winter starts from the beginning of Augrohayan and lasts till Falgun. The coldest period of the year in Bangladesh is in the middle of January.

As the climate of Bangladesh is moderate, winter in this country is mild. In the winter morning, the sky remains foggy. When the sun is up, the fog disappears and the sun shines brightly all day long. Dewdrops fall at night and till morning. Dewdrops on the grassy meadows glitter in sun’s ray which looks like a pearl. Sometimes, the sun is not seen even all through day.

In the morning, poor people bask in the sun. Leaves fall off trees; snakes take to their holes and remain there till the end of winter. Sometimes, the northern wind blows with the bitter cold that hampers the regular flow of life. The poor and the old who cannot afford to buy warm clothes suffer miserably in this season. In the village, people keep within the door just after dusk. In the morning, old persons and children are seen making fire and sit round them till sunrise. This is a common scene, especially, of country-life.

Winter is the season of various kinds of fruits and vegetables. Peas, cabbages, beans, cauliflowers, carrots, tomatoes, radish are found abundantly in this season. Rivers and ponds dry up in winter. So people can catch a lot of fishes. Winter is the late harvesting season. The peasants remain busy with the last phase of gathering paddy from the fields.

The arrival of different migratory birds in this season is a great charm to the people. These guest birds of different size, color and nature add to the beauty of nature with their movement, captivating beauty and sweet chirping.
In winter, the poor people suffer a lot in want of warm clothes. The people, to whom the winter is enjoyable, should help the victims of the winter.

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