Who is to Bell the Cat- Story

Who is to Bell the Cat/The Rats And the Cat

Once, a rich man’s house was infested with rats. There were rats every nook and corner of that house. They were passing a very good time there but doing much harm to the owner. Being annoyed, the owner of the house decided to bring a cat to kill them. When the cat appeared, no rat dared come out in fear of the cat. They fell in a great trouble as they could not move easily even to collect their food. So, all the mice decided to hold a meeting to find a way out to that problem.
One day, in absence of the cat, all the rats sat together in a conference. Many a rat posed his proposal to save themselves from the attack of the cat. But none of the tricks was considered practical enough to be applied. At last, a wiser mouse in the group proposed that they should tie a bell round the neck of the cat. This would warn the rats of the cat’s movement and they would easily be able to hide and save themselves in a safer place. All the rats grew excited and welcomed the plan. This time the old wise rat among them stood up and said, “Dear friends, this plan sounds good but the question is who will bell the cat. Whoever from us approaches the cat will certainly lose its life.” Hearing this, all the rats got disappointed. No rats dared get to the cat to tie the bell round the neck. So their plan failed. In a few days, the rats left that house and migrated to a new safer place.

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