Who is the mightier-sun or wind-Story

Who is the mightier- the sun or the wind?

Once, the wind and the sun were talking with each other. Soon there started an argument between the two about who was the stronger than the other. They argued for a long time but neither of them gave up his claim to be the stronger.

At last they saw a man walking on the road wearing a coat. Instantly an idea stuck both of them. They challenged each other that the one who would be able to remove the coat from the man’s back would be the winner.

At first the wind came forward to face the challenge. It began to blow strongly making it harder for the man to take any step further to go ahead.

But surprisingly, the man clutched his coat tightly round his body and resumed walking by force.

The wind continued blowing harder and harder, but it couldn’t dominate the man. He took it as a challenge, held on to his coat tighter and continued his journey forward. Finally the wind surrendered and gave up. His efforts ended in smoke.

It was now the turn of the sun. He looked at the man and began to gently shine upon the way the man was walking on.

The man looked up at the sky and felt embarrassed at the change in weather.

The sun didn’t have to spend much energy; neither did he apply any force. He just continued shining upon the man’s head gently.

Soon, the man was huffing and puffing and started sweating.

Unable to bear the rising heat, the man finally surrendered, took off his coat and quickly took shelter in the shade of a nearby tree to take rest.

Thus the sun came out winner which shows us that sometimes gentle persuasion is mightier than the strongest force.

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