What is Sport to the Cat is Death to the Rat- Story

What is Play to One Causes Death to Another/What is Sport to the Cat is Death to the Rat/The Frogs And the Naughty Boys

Once there lived some frogs in a pond. They were living there happily as there was no scarcity of food and was enough space in it to swim and move about. One day some naughty boys were playing on the bank of the pond. One of them noticed the frogs and started throwing stones at them. Following him, all others began to do the same. Actually they took it as a new game and everybody was enjoying this.
They continued pelting the frogs with stones as soon as the frogs raised their heads above the water. At this, many frogs got wounded and some of them died. At last a brave frog raised its head and shouted to the boys, “Oh, boys. Please, stop your cruel act. Don’t throw stones at us.” In reply, the boys smilingly said that it was a new game for them and they won’t stop it. “What is play to you is death to us,” said the frog meekly. Now the boys felt ashamed of this. They left the cruel game and went away.

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