Two Women and a Baby- Story

Quarreling of Two Women over a Child/Two Women and a Baby/Real Mother and False Mother/Two Mothers and a Baby

Once, two women were quarreling over a baby. Each of the women claimed that she was the mother of the baby. They were brought before King Solomon who was famous all over the world for his wisdom, justice and sagacity. The king listened to both the women. It was really difficult to identify who the real mother was because both of them were demanding the baby the same way and were stick to their respective claim. King Solomon was at a loss what to do.
He thought for a while. Then he hit upon a plan to solve the problem technically. He called his men and ordered one to cut the baby in two equal halves and give a piece to each woman. The order was really horrible. Panic seized all who were present there. At that moment, one of the women turned pale and started crying hearing this order. She burst into tears and instantly gave up her claim and requested the king not to kill but hand the baby to the other woman. But the other woman kept silent and wanted to have the baby. King Solomon understood the fact. Thus his problem got solved. He could easily determine who the real mother was. Then he handed the baby to the real mother and punished the false one.

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