Truthfulness is a moral quality. It is a great virtue. It means the ability to speak candidly what is true and just. It is one of the most important qualities of human life. Truthfulness leads a man to ultimate success and crowns his life with honor and glory. One who speaks the truth must lead a challenging life. This is because, the traditional social norms and cultures that are developed age by age are not based on truth. As a result, a truthful person always goes through the struggle against falsehood to save the truth. But true happiness lies in the habit of leading a truthful life. A person being truthful may get stuck in the way of life again and again but he must wins out in the long run. Experience shows that a truthful person is also a trustful person. He is also the symbol of reliance to people. As a result, the truthful are respected even by the enemies. Our great prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was the glaring example of truthfulness. For his undaunted status of preaching the truth, he was called ‘Al Amin’ or Truthful by irrespective of friends and foes. Truthfulness may not bring us wealth but it can bring peace in our mind. A truthful man becomes a man of good character and strong personality. This virtue helps a man to be punctual, sincere and dutiful. It makes a man responsible to the society and to the nation. The truthful are always soft to the fair and strict to the evil. In the history, there are lots of examples of the truthful persons who preferred speaking the truth to embracing death. Socrates is such a historic example. However, A truthful person is an asset to any society or nation. Truthfulness of a single truthful person may affect the whole mankind.

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