Tree Plantation/Importance of Tree in Our Life- Composition

Tree Plantation/Importance of Tree in Our Life


There are two kinds of creature on earth—animal and plant. History of the universe shows that tree had existed in the earth far long before human being was created. It is a proven truth that Tree was essential first to make the earth cool, and crop-giving to make it habitable for human being. So, we find that tree was the precondition of man’s existence on earth. Now by virtue of science we know that no living being can survive without trees. This is because trees produce oxygen and we cannot breathe without oxygen.

Though the tree is the most essential thing in the world to survive, men seem to be careless about tree. Men are cutting down trees at random but are not planting. As a result the world is losing a huge amount of trees every day. This tendency is really suicidal for human being.

e=”text-align: justify;”> At present, tree plantation is a crying need all over the world as trees are our best friend. They help us in so many ways that planting tree is undoubtedly better than any other investment. First of all, trees provide us with life-saving oxygen and absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the environment and thus, keep up ecological balance. Carbon dioxide is the worst enemy of the environment and is the first factor of causing global warming. But the tree naturally takes in carbon dioxide to produce food all for men and animals. Besides, trees give us food, fruit, timber, wood, medicine etc. They also prevent soil erosion; make the land fertile, ensure timely rainfall and save us from cyclones, floods, droughts etc. Moreover, the tree gives us shade and keeps the environment cool. Trees and forests are the best shelter and habitation for different birds and animals.

Now it is obvious that trees are our real friend. Yet men are behaving to tree cruelly and not planting but cutting down trees without consideration. As a result, the world is being led to ruin and becoming unlivable day by day. Therefore, it is the demand of time to plant more and more trees as well as spread away tree plantation program to every comer of the world. But first of all, it is urgent to create public awareness about importance of tree and environmental and economic benefits of planting trees so that they can be encouraged to plant tree taking it as their savings and to take care of it.

All conscious people know that a country needs 25% forests of its total land area. But the world lacks the amount. If we can fulfill the demand by planting trees, our globe is sure to turn into a safer place to live in.

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