The Wolf and the Crane- Story

The Wolf and the Crane/An Ungrateful Wolf and A Crane

Once there lived a wolf in a deep forest. Once he killed a lamb. As he was eating the flesh of it, a bone stuck in his throat. It caused him great pain. The wolf was groaning out of pain and looking for someone to take out the bone. He requested many to do this but nobody agreed. Actually all were afraid of the wolf.
At last he saw a crane. He ran to him and said, “Oh, dear crane, I am about to die in pain. Please help me. Take out the bone from my throat with your long beak. I’ll give you a lot of fishes as rewards.” The crane felt pity for the poor wolf and agreed to his proposal. He put his long beak into the throat of the wolf and drew out it in a minute. The wolf had got relieved.
“Now, give me my reward, Your Majesty,” demanded the crane. “What! Reward!” shouted the wolf. “What a fool you are! You brought out your head quite safely from my mouth. I didn’t bite it. Isn’t it your reward? Get lost at once.” The poor crane dared not say anything. He quickly left the place to save his life.

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