The Villager and The Snake- Story

The Villager and The Snake / A Villager taking care of a snake / Black Takes No Other Hue / Evil Always Remains an Evil

One morning in winter, a villager was going to the field on work. On his way, he found a snake lying half dead with cold by the side of the road. The villager took pity on it.Story of The Villager and The Snake-story
He brought it home, put by fireplace to warm and took good care of it giving food and comfort. At one stage the snake got fully cured and it began to play with the villager’s children. For some days it behaved very well. But alas! The snake was wicked to the backbone. One day it bit one of the children while playing. At this the villager grew very angry. He realized that he was rearing a rogue with fondling and care. He immediately took an axe and killed it.

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