The Thief and the Garden Owner- Story

The Thief and the Garden Owner/A Strange Thief/Punishment of a Strange Thief

Once there lived a bad man in a village. He used to steal and did all sorts of mischief to the villagers. However, when asked why he did so misdeed, he would reply, “God had it done by me.” One day the man was stealing mango from a neighbor’s garden.
The owner of the garden saw this and rushed to the garden and shouted, “Why are you stealing mangoes from my garden?” In reply the man as usual said, “God is getting it done by me.” The garden owner got stuck but found nothing to say. Bur he hit upon a plan. He brought a stick and was waiting for the thief till he came down from the tree. As soon as he got down, the garden owner caught hold of him and started beating with the stick. “Stop, why do you beat me? What have I done to deserve it?” protested the bad man. “God is having it done by me and so I cannot stop” replied the owner of the garden. “Please stop; be kind to me”, cried the man. Then he begged pardon of the garden owner and promised never to do such a mischievous work in future.

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