The Rich Man and the Cobbler- Story

The Happy Cobbler/The Rich Man and the Cobbler/Money cannot Bring Happiness

Once there lived a cobbler in a country. He passed his days doing his work with pleasure and lived happily with his small income. He had a neighbor who was very rich. One day the rich man said to the cobbler, “I see you earn very little. You must be living in great sorrows and sufferings” In reply, the cobbler said that his income was small but he was not unhappy; rather, he was happy with what he earned. The next day the rich man again came to the cobbler with ten thousand taka in a bag. He said, “Look, my friend. Here is some money for you.” The cobbler was greatly surprised to see the money and refused to take it. But the rich man told him to take the money for he would be able to use this in time of his danger. However the cobbler took the bag of money from the man and thanked him.
Now the cobbler fell in a trouble with this huge amount of money. He was anxious about where to keep the money and did not find any safe place to keep it. At last he dug a hole in his house and kept the bag. Yet he always thought that his money could be stolen at any time. This care and anxiety kept him awake all the night. He even could not devote himself to work. He realized that he had money but no peace and happiness.
Next morning, the cobbler went to return the bag of money to the rich man. He said, “Please, take your money back, sir. This money has snatched away my peace of mind.” Saying this, the cobbler went away leaving the bag.

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