The Ready Wit of a Cowboy- Story

The Ready Wit of a Cowboy / Ready Wit of a Cowboy saved a train / A Cowboy Saving a Train From Accident

One day, a boy of about 12 was tending cattle by the side of a railway line. Suddenly he noticed that a railway slipper was about to collapse. From his experience, he knew that a mail train was supposed to cross the line in half an hour. Story about a boy saving train-story
He thought that if someone did not inform this to the nearest authority, a terrible accident must happen. As he attempted to inform this to people, suddenly he heard whistle of a passenger train. He was in fix what to do. Suddenly he remembered that he had a red shirt worn and showing red signal stops the train. Thinking so, he instantly put off his shirt and started to wave it raising his hands standing on the rail line. In a few moments, the red signal caught the sight of the train driver and he started to slow it down and stopped it.
He got down from the train angrily to know what happened. Some passengers also followed him. Everybody had the same asking look at the boy. Then the boy told everything and showed the place of missing slipper. Now everybody understood the matter and showed heartiest gratitude to the boy. They were surprised that how the ready wit of a little boy saved a train from a terrible accident saving their lives.

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