The Rainy Season in Bangladesh- Composition

The Rainy Season in Bangladesh


Our country is the land of six seasons. Every season appears to us with its distinctive natural feature— color, fragrance, beauty and charm. The rainy season is one of them. It comes with the cool shower of rain after acute heat of summer. Two months ‘Ashar’ and ‘Srabon’ according to Bengali calendar constitute this season. But in our country, this season lasts about five months.

When rainy season commences, people leave a sigh of relief after they have suffered terrible heat of summer season. It is the season of rain and storm. Dark cloud around the sky, roar of thunder, flashes of lightning with heavy or light shower of rain is a common scenario of this season. Sometimes it drizzles and sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Trees, roads, crop fields, houses all seem to have bathed in the shower of rain water.

The Rainy Season in Bangladesh- Composition

In this season, an impressive change is noticed everywhere in nature. The rivers overflow and low lands are flooded. Trees and plants look newer, greener and fresher. Fascinating flowers like Keya, Kadam, Jui, Togor, Hasna-hena etc. bloom in this season. The sky always remains covered with white and black cloud and hardly gets cleared. Paddy and jute fields are tortured by gentle breeze in the flooded lands. Fishes are caught in this season on a large scale. So movement of the fishermen with their fishing boats add to the beauty of the rivers. All the nature seems to have risen up on the festival of rainy season.

This season leaves a great impact on the life of common people. In the rainy day, people have to remain homebound. They hardly can go to their workplaces. People of lowland areas hardly have any work to do on the fields. They get engaged in fishing or other works. Somewhere, man has to move from one place to another by boat. People by the side of river can bath very outside of their houses. Roads become muddy and slippery. Day laborers and people who live from hand to mouth cannot go out to earn their livelihood. In the city areas, water-logging is a painful experience for the dwellers.

Flood is a common phenomenon of rainy season. During flood, sufferings of common people know no bound. Flood leaves many people shelterless, foodless, sick and distressed.

There are both merits and demerits of this season. In this season, muddy roads and logged water here and there cause suffering to the easy movement of the people. The poor who cannot go out in search of livelihood, sometimes, have to starve and suffer great hardship with their families. Flood comes as a curse to the life of people. Seasonal diseases also attack people. Many work hours are wasted being trapped of rain.

Yet rainy season has advantages too. As dusts and dirt are washes away in rain water, the environment gets free from pollution to a great extent. It is the best season for the jute and paddy to grow. Many crops grow in this season easily without any irrigation. Rainy season is a great theme for the poet and artist for their creative works. Communication by boat turns easier and cheaper. Those who do not have any want enjoy this season in various ways.

So, we see that the rainy season brings about both joys and sorrows to us. But we have to bear in mind that nature never adapts with us; we have to keep abreast with nature.

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