The Lion and the wild Ass-Story

The Lion and the wild Ass/Might makes Right/Lion’s Share

Once, a lion and a wild ass came to the agreement that they would hunt together so that they might capture beasts of the forest with greater ease. The lion agreed to contribute to hunting with his great strength and the ass wished to dedicate the benefits of his greater speed.
However, one day they went on hunting together. With the fierce attack and joint efforts, they met with a great success in capturing the animals. They managed to hunt a number of beasts in a few hours.
Now it is the question of sharing. The Lion himself came forward and intentionally divided the preyed beasts into three equal parts. With a majestic air, the Lion said, “I am the king of the beasts; so I’ll take the first portion.” Now there were two equal parts left. Now he asserted, “I will also take the second, because, as your partner, I deserve half of what are left.”
Before the deadly mighty lion, the ass daren’t say anything. The Lion continued about the third portion, “Unless you willingly leave it to me and set off as fast as you can, this will be the cause of great evil to you.”

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