The Lion and The Lamb / A Greedy Lion And A Lamb- Story

The Lion and The Lamb / A Greedy Lion And A Lamb /Lame Excuse Of a Lion

It was a summer day. A lion became very thirsty. He went to a nearby stream to drink water. Story about lion and mouse- stroy
Reaching the stream, the he saw a lamb who was also drinking water from the downstream of the same brook. The lion had a greedy look at the lamb. He was also hungry then and so, he wanted to devour the lamb. So, he was thinking how he could fulfill his evil desire. At last, he hit upon a plan. The lion roared, ‘Hey tiny lamb, you’re disturbing me by muddying water”. The lamb tried to refute the accusation saying, “Your Majesty, I’m drinking from the downstream; then, how can I muddy water of the upstream”. At this, the lion could not reply anything. He rather posed a new lame excuse to blame the lamb that, perhaps, his father was muddying water for him the previous year. Saying this, the lion attacked the lamb abruptly and killed him.

Changes of Speech
VII to XII NARRATION and Advanced
শিখে নাও, জয় কর ও উপভোগ কর তোমার কল্পনার মত করে

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