The Lion and the Boar-Story

The Lion and the Boar/The Quarreling Lion and the Boar

It was a very hot and thirsty summer day. The heat was so acute that even the beasts were searching for water source here and there. A lion and a bear came at the same moment to a small stream to drink water.
As they attempted to drink, a dispute arose as to who should drink first. Soon this dispute turned into a terrible fight. Both were trying to attack and defeat the other with the utmost anger and fury.
The fight went on until their strength and stamina got exhausted. And at one stage, they were grasping and compelled to stop for a while to take breathe for a deadlier renewal of the fight.
In the meantime, they saw that some vultures seated on the rock in the distance were evidently waiting for one of them to be killed so that they could feed upon the flesh of the probable dead.
This sight made them halt in a moment. At once their minds changed and they decided to leave the battle forever saying, “It is better for us to shake hands than to continue fighting to become the food of the crows or vultures.”

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