The Lazy King and Physical Labor- Story

The Lazy King/The Lazy King and Physical Labor/The Importance of Physical Labor

Once there was an old king. He was averse to physical labor. As a result he grew fatty and bulky and could not move easily from one place to another. As it was a problem, he called in a doctor. The doctor was very clever and wise. He could understand that the king was very lazy and did not take regular physical exercise. He did not prescribe any medicine for the king. He asked the king to buy a club and advised him to move it in the air until his hands got moistened.
The king followed the advice of the doctor. He bought a club and started to move it in the air regularly. As a result, his fat grew less. He became a bit thin. After regular physical exercise of some days, he became fully cured of his disease. Being pleased with his advice the king gave him a lot of rewards.

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