The Laziness of a Farmer- Story

A Lazy Farmer/The Laziness of a Farmer/Result of Laziness/Laziness brings misery/A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Once there was a farmer in a village. He was very lazy and always loitered to do any work.

One day he saw that the fence around his garden was broken. As he was in the habit of putting off work for tomorrow, he thought it would be repaired the next day. But he forgot it and some days passed by.

One day he was sitting in front of his house idly. He saw that some goats were entering his garden through the broken fencing. He called his wife to drive the goats away when she was busy cooking in the kitchen. At once she came out running and rushed towards the garden. At that time a dog was lying in wait outside the kitchen. As soon as the farmer’s wife left the kitchen, the dog entered there and spoiled some of the cooked food.

At this the farmer got furious and hurried to the kitchen with a stick in hand. His little son was playing just beside the kitchen. As he threw the stick towards the dog, it stuck the boy and injured him. At last, it was clear to the farmer that all these hassles happened due to his laziness.

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