The Honesty Of a School Boy- Story

The Honesty Of a School Boy / An Honest School Boy/Uprightness of a Boy

Once, a boy of about 14 was returning home from school on foot. He was walking alone silently. But suddenly he noticed that a money bag was lying by the roadside. He was in a fix what to do. He thought, “If I take the bag, people may mean me to be a thief and if I leave it here some other may take it away.Honesty of a school boy-story
However, at last he decided to pick the bag up but he was not in the least greedy to grab the content inside the money bag. He intended to open the bag to see if there was any visiting card. Fortunately he got a card inside it with address and phone number of the owner.
With this reference, the boy called the owner and informed him of his lost money bag. The owner got extremely delighted to hear of this news as there was about Tk. 20,000 in the bag. Then the boy, by following the address, carried the bag with money to the owner. The man became very astonished at the rare honesty of the boy and gave him a good sum of money as reward for his honesty.

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