The Dove and the Ant- Story

The Dove and the Ant/The Grateful Ant/Pitiful Dove and Grateful Ant

Once there lived a dove in a tree by the side of a pond. Some ants also lived there near the nest of the dove. One day an ant went out in search of food near the water of the pond. Suddenly it fell into the pond. The ant tried hard again and again to get ashore to save its life but failed. The dove, sitting on the branch of the tree, was looking the miserable condition of the ant. He felt pity on the ant at its danger. He instantly hit upon a plan to save the ant. He took a dry leaf from the tree and dropped it down near the ant. By creeping, the ant caught hold of the leaf and narrowly saved his life. The ant became very grateful to the dove.
A few days later, the ant noticed that a hunter had fixed his gun at the dove to shoot it. The ant immediately ran towards the man. It crept upon the man’s leg and bit him. Getting bitten, the hunter missed his target and failed the shoot the dove. And by this moment, the dove flew away. Thus the grateful ant saved the dove’s life in return.

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