The Cunning Fox And the Goat- Story

A Fox And a Goat / The Cunning Fox And the Goat / Never Believe a Rogue / The Cunning Fox and The Foolish Goat

Once there lived a fox. He was very wicked and rogue. One day he fell into a shallow well by chance. But the side of the well was very steep and, so, he could not come out of it. Story of The cunning fox and the foolish goat-storyHe was thinking how he could get rid of this danger. A goat happened to pass by that road when he looked down.
As he saw the fox there, he said, “What are you doing there?” The cunning fox had a glimpse of light of hope at goat’s words. The fox with his impressive voice replied, “The sweetest of water is here in the well. See how nicely I’m enjoying. Do you like to drink it?” The goat felt tempted at fox’s words. He at once got down into the well. He also drank some water. This was the chance the fox was waiting for. He somehow managed to get on the back of the goat and jumped out of the well. The foolish goat remained there. Believing a rogue led the goat to danger.

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