The Ass and his Shadow-Story

The Ass and his Shadow

Once a traveler, planning to go to a distant place hired an ass. The day was intensely hot and the sun was shining brightly over head. The owner of the Ass was also going with the traveler, walking beside him to drive the Ass and point out the way.
On crossing about a mile, the traveler started to grasp on acute heat. So he stopped for a while to take rest. But there were no trees or shadowy place nearby. So he sought shelter from the heat under the shadow of the Ass.
The heat had affected the Driver as much as it had the Traveler. As this shadow afforded the protection only for one person and both the traveler and owner needed that shelter, there arose a violent dispute between them.
The owner claimed that the shadow is his as he has let the traveler only the ass, not his shadow. The traveler also asserted that the shadow is his as, with the hire of the ass, he had hired his shadow also.
There was no other to stop them. So the quarrel advanced from words to blows. But they were at their wit’s end when they saw the Ass took to its heels at the time of their fighting.

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