Student Life/Duties of Student Life- Composition

Student Life/Duties of Student Life


Student life is a very important part of human life. This is the time that we spend in school, college and university to acquire knowledge.

Student life is the best time of our life. This is because it is also the life of preparation for future life. So, a student has to perform a lot of duties to build up himself/herself perfectly enough to face the risky battle field of latter life.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to study. But mere bookish knowledge is not enough. Students have to study out-of-text books, newspapers, journals etc. to develop his/her mind and power of thought.

Student life is the best ground to learn discipline, punctuality and perseverance. Routine-bound class works make him serve this purpose.

Moreover, student life is the best time to be excelled in games and sports, debating etc. To build up his/her body and mind, a student – either male or female – should take part in games and sports and follow the rules of health.

Finally, students have a sacred duty to stand by the victims during different natural disasters like flood, cyclone, famine etc. They should take the responsibility to educate the illiterate persons around them during their vacation. To respect superiors and love the younger are one of the most important moral duties of the students.

Students have also some duties not to do. They should not keep evil company. Only living in touch of such evil company may lead a student go astray. They also should not practice politics until they finish their study. Ill habits like smoking, card-playing may ruin student life.

In fact, the rest of our life depends on how we spend every hour of our student life. Negligence in duties in this period means going towards dark future in life.

Therefore, student life, in other word, may be called the foundation of life. So, all the students should take this time as worship. They should work in this period as a farmer as it is the seed time of human life.

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