The sick king and the shirt of a happy man- Story

The king and the happy man/The sick king and the shirt of a happy man

Once, a king got seriously ill. All the royal physicians tried heart and soul to cure him but they failed. They left hope of king’s life as they thought the disease to be incurable. But they could not tell the king that.
To avoid punishment, they hit upon a plan. They advised the king that if he could wear a shirt used by a happy man, he might be cured of this disease. Then people were sent away in all directions in search of a happy man and his shirt. But this was really not an easy job because a happy man is really rare.
However, in process of their search, they found a farmer claiming to be an honest man who said, “I am a happy man. I have no problem but poverty.” The king’s people could not accept him to be their desired happy man as he also had objection and that was poverty. So he could not be a happy man. In this way they were carrying on their search.
In course of their efforts, many a man claimed that he was the happy man. But the inquiry of the people of the king proved that they also had one or other problem or want or objection. So such people were not accepted as happy man.
At last a woodcutter was found who was sleeping quietly in the forest. When asked he said that he was a happy man; he had not want or no objection to anybody or anything. He was satisfied with what he had and what he was. The searchers left a sigh of relief. At last they found a perfectly happy man.
Now, while asking about shirt the man said that he had a shirt. Then he drew out a shirt from his dirty bag. They saw that the shirt was a shabby one and was torn in many places. It was so dirty that bad smell was coming out of it. However, they took it ardently and returned to the palace with a happy mind where the king was anxiously waiting for them.
The dying king got relieved at this happy news and he put on the shirt with new hope and aspiration. And surprisingly enough, the king started to be healed and eventually got completely cured.

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