Robert Bruce and the spider- Story

Robert Bruce and the spider/Failures are the pillars of success/Perseverance is the key to success

Robert Bruce was the king of Scotland. He was being defeated in the battle against England again and again. Being defeated six times, he lost all his hopes and took shelter in a cave to save his life.
Lying in the cave, he was pondering over his misfortune. Suddenly he noticed that a spider was trying to reach the ceiling of the cave to weave its web but it did not succeed. The spider tried again and again but six of its attempts failed. Bruce observed the spider with interest and saw that it came out successful in the seventh time. The perseverance of the spider inspired Bruce. He could see the light of hope. He made up his mind and gathered his forces. Then he attacked his enemies once again with revived energy and aspiration. This time he defeated his enemies and regained his lost kingdom.

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