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A Cultural Program Held at Narayangonj High School


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Narayangonj: 18 December- The annual cultural program of Naryangonj High School was held on 17th December in the school premises.

As part of the celebration of the Victory Day, Narayagonj High School organizes a cultural function every year. This year the program was held in the more pompous manner. A grand stage was set up inside the campus closure with sitting arrangement of about 3000 spectators. The Headmaster chaired the function. The local MP was the chief guest and the DEO was the special guest. Invited guests, guardians and the elite of the society also attended the function. Two TV artists were also invited. The day long program included music, dance, recitation, performance, jokes and story-telling. Continuous excitement was noticed among the audience after every presentation. Two one-act plays and ‘Gambhira’ on the backdrop of the Liberation War attracted the audience most.

In his speech, the chief guest stressed the need of such program at school level to revive the spirit of our liberation war.

The program came to a close at 9:00 p.m.

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