Report on baishakhi mela in village market

Suppose yesterday a Baishakhi Mela was held at Golakandail Bazar in Rupgonj, Narayangonj. Now write a report on it.

Baishkhi Mala held at Golakandail


Suggested answer:

Rupgonj: 14 April- A grand Baishakhi Mela, the traditional village fair of Bengal, was held at Golakandail Bazar under Rupgonj upazilla in the district of Narayangonj on the occasion of the Pahela Baishakh, the Bengali New year’s Day. This is an age old tradition of the Bengali nation and is held every year with great enthusiasm throughout the country. Thousands of villagers including children and women from and around the locality attended the fair. The fair continued from morning till evening. The main attractions of the fair were nagar dola, lathi khela, puppet show, jari gan, kabi gan and fascinating handicraft shops.

The local MP along with the UP Chairman visited the fair and spoke to the visitors and the shopkeepers. He laid great emphasis on exercising of such a culture that sustains our culture and heritage.

The fair continued all day long without any unpleasant incident. Gambling and other anti-social activities were not noticed as the low enforcing agency was always active to maintain law and order.

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