Report on a devastating fire

Suppose a devastating fire broke out at Kamalbag slum in Dhaka city. Now write a report on it.

Devastating Fire Kills Two


Suggested answer:

Dhaka: 05 July- A devastating fire broke out yesterday at midday at Kamalbag slum of Dhaka city gutting at least fifty slum houses, killing two and injuring at least 15.

The eye-witnessed says the fire originated from a plastic industry by electric short circuit and, in a moment, engulfed the adjoining tin-shed and bamboo-made houses densely set with one another. The fire spread so fast that many a men got seriously injured while coming out hurriedly. Two ill-fated men were entrapped in a factory and fire burned them to death. It is estimated that more than fifty houses were burned to ashes. Thousands of people rushed to the spot from around but nobody could play any role to save anything as they had no equipment to fight the fire.

On information the fire fighters came to the spot after an hour of the incident. They could extinguish the blaze after three hours of difficult and risky efforts.

The city Mayor paid an emergency visit to the spot. He assured the victims to compensate for the loss.

The extent of loss caused by the fire was estimated at two crore taka.

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