Report on a daring robbery

Suppose a daring robbery was committed at the house of a businessman at Madhabdi Bazar in the district of Narsingdi. Now write a report on it.

A daring robbery at Madhabdi Bazar


Suggested answer:

Narsingdi: 24 November- A daring robbery was committed at the house of Hemayet Ullah, a cloth dealer in Madhabdi Bazar yesterday at 3: p.m.

The business withdrew a sum of Tk. 3,00,000.00 from the Al Arafah Islami Bank of the town and brought it home for business purpose. A gang of robbers, being informed stealthily, attacked the house of the merchant. Mr. Hemayet and his wife woke up hearing a bang outside the house. Before they could realize what was going to happen, the daring people with local arms and guns broke open the door. They asked for the key to the almirahs and safe. While they were delaying to give keys, a robber stabbed Hemayet and took all the keys from his wife. The robbers took away all the money and gold ornament measuring about 10 grams. The robbers could flee away safely with gunfire right and left.

Mr. Hemayet was seriously injured. He was taken to a nearby clinic. Mrs. Hemayet is also confined to bed due to mental shock.

A robbery case has been filed in the Narsingdi Police Station. No one has yet been arrested. Enquiry is going on.

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