Find out Subject and Object

Find out Subject and Object

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Quiz name: Find out Subject and Object   Category: Voice Changing    Date: June 7, 2023
At last the criminals surrendered to the police. Here the subject is-.

During holiday, I help my mother in household works. Here the object is—.

No birds or animals were seen in that region. Here the subject is—.

We can find Object by questioning with—.

Do what you like. Here the object is—.

In the class, each student helps one another. Here the Subject and Object are—.

Can you lend me your umbrella? Here the object is/are—.

May Allah brighten your future. Subject and Object of the sentence are—.

Entering the cave the fox saw a lion resting. The Object is—.

Our principal Anwar chowdhury paid a sudden visit to the exam hall. The Subject and Object here are—.

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