Active to Passive-Long Assertive sentence

Active to Passive-Long Assertive sentence

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Quiz name: Active to Passive-Long Assertive sentence   Category: Voice Changing    Date: January 31, 2023
Suddenly we heard a bang. (Change Active into Passive)

A poor woman is carrying a sick baby. (Change Active into Passive)

I leave bed as early as possible. (Change Active into Passive)

Unfortunately the late-risers cannot see the sunrise. (Change Active into Passive)

Ratul and his friends are going to arrange a picnic. (Change Active into Passive)

Children recite the rhyme about twinkling stars. (Change Active into Passive)

Few days later, Lucy got a message from her mother. (Change Active into Passive)

They have to pull rickshaw in fair weather or foul. (Change Active into Passive)

Mina needed a pen, an eraser and an exercise book. (Change Active into Passive)

The sunlight removes fogs in the winter morning. (Change Active into Passive)

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