Active to Passive: Interrogative starting with WH-word

Active to Passive: Interrogative starting with WH-word

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  • এই Quiz এ ১০ টি MCQ questions আছে
  • প্রতিটিতে ১ নম্বর, মোট ১০ নম্বর
  • মোট সময়: ২ মিনিট
  • প্রতিটি প্রশ্নের জন্য মাত্র ১ টি উত্তর Select কর । কোন প্রশ্ন unanswered রাখা যাবেনা
  • উত্তর দেওয়া শেষ হলে Submit বাটনে click কর ।
  • Result page এ তোমার Score দেখ এবং Result Review কর ।
  • Quiz টি পুনরায় দিতে Retake button এ Click কর ।
  • 'Quiz time is over' দেখালে Browser window টা Refresh করে পুনরায় শুরু কর ।


Quiz name: Active to Passive: Interrogative starting with WH-word   Category: Voice Changing    Date: May 28, 2023
How can you do it? (Change Active into Passive)

Why are you going to buy this house? (Change Active into Passive)

How should you calculate it? (Change Active into Passive)

When are you closing the shop? (Change Active into Passive)

Where did she meet you? (Change Active into Passive)

When were you leaving the airport? (Change Active into Passive)

How have our players won the match? (Change Active into Passive)

Why have we to pay VAT? (Change Active into Passive)

Where do the woodpeckers make nest? (Change Active into Passive)

How did you visit Australia? (Change Active into Passive)

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