Active to Passive: Assertive with additional elements

Active to Passive: Assertive with additional elements

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Quiz name: Active to Passive: Assertive with additional elements   Category: Voice Changing    Date: June 7, 2023
Suddenly they saw a big tiger. (Change Active into Passive)

She always completes homework. (Change Active into Passive)

I can do it in a few minutes. (Change Active into Passive)

This year no farmer could grow good crops. (Change Active into Passive)

Rahmat Ali pulls rickshaw in fair weather or foul. (Change Active into Passive)

Sometimes he takes rest for a while. (Change Active into Passive)

But a child can easily solve this sum. (Change Active into Passive)

Returning home, they usually visit friends and family members. (Change Active into Passive)

On a rainy day, people can hardly do usual tasks. (Change Active into Passive)

Freedom fighters laid down lives for the sake of motherland. (Change Active into Passive)

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