Quiz-13: Active to Passive-Interrogative starting with WHO/WHOM

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  • মোট সময়: ২ মিনিট
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Quiz name: Active to Passive: Interrogative starting with Who/Whom   Category: Voice Changing    Date: June 7, 2023
In which sentence, WH-word is used as a Subject?

In which sentence, WH-word is used as a Object?

Who discovered America? (Change Active into Passive)

Whose shirt have you worn? (Change Active into Passive)

Which countries did they travel? (Change Active into Passive)

Whom should you respect? (Change Active into Passive)

What are the students writing? (Change Active into Passive)

Who has disturb the guests? (Change Active into Passive)

Whose calculator did you use in the exam? (Change Active into Passive)

Which crops had the farmers grown in winter? (Change Active into Passive)

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