Quiz-02: Active to Passive-Assertive with Helping and Principal verb

Before you start taking the Quiz, it is better to read up the related Notes ‘Active to Passive: Assertive with Auxiliary and Principal verb

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  • এই Quiz এ ২০ টি MCQ questions আছে
  • প্রতিটিতে ১ নম্বর, মোট ২০ নম্বর
  • মোট সময়: ৪ মিনিট
  • প্রতিটি প্রশ্নের জন্য মাত্র ১ টি উত্তর Select কর । কোন প্রশ্ন unanswered রাখা যাবেনা
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Quiz name: Active to Passive: Assertive with Helping and Principal verb   Category: Voice Changing    Date: December 5, 2021
1. We’re eating pizza. (Change Active to Passive)
2. The child can read the holy Quran. (Change Active to Passive)
3. Which group of verbs are Modal verb?
4. You’re teasing me. (Change Active to Passive)
5. We could save this money. (Change Active to Passive)
6. They have to obey these rules. (Change Active to Passive)
7. Which one is the example of (Modal + be) verb?
8. My sister will prepare homework. (Change Active to Passive)
9. We ought to obey the parents. (Change Active to Passive)
10. Which one is the example of (Modal + have) verb?
11. She must pass the exam. (Change Active to Passive)
12. I will be teaching you. (Change Active to Passive)
13. Students are going to make a garden. (Change Active to Passive)
14. Helping verb 'ought to have' will be changed into—.
15. Someone could be ringing a bell. (Change Active to Passive)
16. You might have heard that news. (Change Active to Passive)
17. Allah had created this universe. (Change Active to Passive)
18. You can use 'was' when the Subject is—.
19. The hunter doesn’t miss the target. (Change Active to Passive)
20. You have been writing a story. (Change Active to Passive)

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