Punctuality- Paragraph



Punctuality means the habit of doing things or performing duties at the proper time. Those who do their duties according to the schedule are called punctual men. A punctual man never keeps late hours. He always goes to bed early and also gets up from bed early. He always does all his duties on time and never put off those for tomorrow.Punctuality paragraph Punctuality is a good habit. But forming this habit is not an easy task. One has to build up this habit from the very childhood. Otherwise; it may be impossible to be punctual at all. If we do our duty in proper time; then, everything goes in harmony. But if we do otherwise, all go disordered. Consequently, we have to repent and it may not be possible at all to accomplish a definite task. So punctuality is a very essential quality needed for all-the students, teachers, workers, officers, laborers, housewives, drivers, doctors, politicians-in all workplaces, in the battlefield, and at home. It is the best quality of all the successful personalities of the world. In other words, no one can expect to become great without developing this habit. An unpunctual man is an enemy to himself. He cannot keep pace with the running world and thus becomes a nuisance to everybody. All his efforts end in smoke. Therefore, we all should practice this human quality for the very sake of our own progress.

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