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Punctuality is the habit of doing things or performing duties at the definite time. It is one of the best human qualities and important characteristics of all the successful men of the world. Doing scheduled work unpunctually may lead one to failure, disorder, hazard and disappointment.

Discipline is the law of nature. Everything in this universe goes through discipline. Therefore if any individual does not conform to that natural order and does his/her works haphazardly, he/she is sure to lag behind in comparison to everything racing towards progressiveness around the universe. S/He must stumble down for his slow pace compared to higher motion.

Punctuality is a habit which is to be formed from the very beginning of life. If it is not build up in the early childhood, it may be impossible for one to capture this virtue even throughout the life. Putting off work for tomorrow is a lazy men’s trend. When tomorrow turns today, s/he helplessly notices that there are more works stored for him/her to be accomplished immediately.

Those who are punctual always keep themselves free from care and anxiety. Timely accomplishment of a work makes their heart filled with confidence to go ahead. Present time is the beckoning of glittering future to them. On the contrary, the unpunctual always leave their works for next time and, as a result, they always suffer from tension and anxiety. Time seems to be burden to them. As they always keep late hours, at one stage, they find pile of works incomplete and give in to them what results in ultimate failure.

Punctuality is the key factor of successful life of every great man in the world. As a matter of fact, those who conceive the value of time must succeed in life sooner or later. The affluent people of history make the best use of time and they do that by doing their works in time. They never leave their works for next time. They know men can never reach past or future except present. As they fill up their present with works in time, their future turns glorious.

Educational institutions like school, college or university are the best practice ground of punctuality. Starting and ending of classes, class work, test and exam all go with punctuality. A good boy or girl always attends classes, do homework or class work and respond to his/her teachers’ advice punctually. In this way s/he has golden scope of becoming punctual what influences his/her later life.

Punctuality has a great importance in offices and workplaces. Reaching and leaving offices and workplaces in time is the precondition of maintaining discipline there and thus increasing productivity. A punctual worker or office-stuff always draws the attention of both the colleagues and the boss and is honored or rewarded finally. The life and activities of the army are the best example of punctuality. Common people can learn from them.

Every natural event happens punctually. Rising and setting of the sun and the moon, high tide and low tide of sea and river, commencement of the seasons, blooming of flowers and fading away— all go through the rule of punctually. If they denied their definite time, all activities of the universe must fall disordered.

Punctuality is a virtue and therefore, we must try for our children to build up this virtue from the very children. We must practice this virtue all through our life. We should remember that punctuality is the unavoidable condition of success.

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