Population problem of Bangladesh- Composition

Population problem of Bangladesh


Bangladesh is one of the most densely-populated countries in the world. The total land area of Bangladesh is 1,47,570 square kilometers but her population is about 150 million. This means about 1015 people live per square kilometer. From this statistics we can easily assume how acute the pressure population on this small land. In respect of standard of economy, Bangladesh is a third world country. So, though population was supposed to be the asset of this nation, it has turned into liability or burden. Population problem has, thus, become a burning issue for the government as well as for the whole nation. All the development efforts of government are failing due to acute pressure of over-population.

Population problem in Bangladesh focus- composition

There are many reasons for the population to be termed as ‘problem’. Bangladesh is a developing country. Literacy rate of this country is only 53.70% and 31.50% people live below poverty line. The economy of this country is still agro-based though method of cultivation is still not modern but outdated. Reasonably, the country cannot afford to provide its citizens with the basic necessaries of life. Millions of people—educated and uneducated— are unemployed. Educated youths, after completing their education, remain jobless as traditional method of education cannot build them as a skilled workforce. For these reasons, newer problems are being added everyday with the existing crisis in this poverty-stricken country. Ignorant and superstitious people are unwilling to adopt family planning to limit the birth of children. As a result, it has become a great challenge for the government to control ever-increasing birth rate of the country.

Over population is not the problem itself only. It is also creating other social, economic and ethical problems such as food and shelter problem, communication problem, health problem, environment problem and problem with moral degradation. If the government cannot resist the explosion of population, the country will turn unlivable day by day.

To control the growth of population, government should first lay emphasis on education of general mass and create awareness among people against the bad effect of overpopulation. Early marriage should be stopped. People are to be encouraged to adopt family planning and not to take more than two children. Exporting manpower to other countries can mitigate the crisis of population to a great extent. This initiative will lessen pressure of population and at the same time ensure earning of foreign exchange contributing to the country’s economy. Emphasis should also be put on production of food more and more.

Overpopulation is not the problem of Bangladesh only. It is a common problem of the third world country. There are many countries in the world where less population is a crisis. So, If the government and the people are determined and united over the question of overpopulation, it is not impossible to overcome this problem. We should bear in mind that no development efforts will come out successful unless ever-growing population can be checked to keep it to a desired level.

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