The Peasant and the Apple tree-Story

The Peasant and the Apple tree

A Peasant had a garden where an apple-tree grew well. But it was a tree of no worth as it bore no fruits. However, it was a suitable resting place for the tired passers-by and it served as the harbor of sparrows and grasshoppers which sat and chirped in its branches.
However, disappointed at its unproductive nature, the peasant determined to cut it down. For this purpose, he fetched his axe from the house and was about to start cutting.
But the sparrows and the grasshoppers taking shelter there came forward. They understood they were going to lose their habitat. So, they begged the peasant to spare the tree, and said to him, “If you destroy the tree, we shall have to seek shelter elsewhere, and you will no longer have our merry singing, can soothe yourself and lighten your work in the garden.”
He, however, paid no attention to their request but started to strike on the trunk of the tree with his axe.
But a wonderful thing happened then. As a few strokes were given, he reached a hollow inside where contained a swarm of bees and a large store of honey. He tasted the honey when a great change occupied him.
Delighted with this discovery, he threw down his axe, saying, “The old tree is worth keeping after all. I should take care of it.”

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