The Old Woman and the Physician- Story

The blind Woman and the Physician/The old woman and the physician

Once there was an old woman who was blind. She intended to get her eye-sight back. So, she called in a physician. But the woman didn’t agree to give usual fees for treatment. She promised the doctor before the witnesses if he could restore her eye-sight, she would give him attractive reward and if not, he would receive nothing.
As per their agreement, the physician tampered from time to time with the old lady’s eyes. But each time, he carried off some of the furniture and goods from the blind woman’s house.
However, at one stage, the physician employed his earnest efforts in the treatment. As a result, the woman got cured and her eye-sight was regained. The doctor, reasonably, asked for the promised fee to the lady.
But on recovering her eyes, the lady saw none of her goods left in the house. So she refused the doctor’s claim that she was cured and refused to pay doctor’s promised reward. At last the physician summoned her before the judges.
Before the judge, the woman stated, “It is true that I promised to give him his fee if my sight were restored and nothing if my eyes remained uncured. Now though he says I am cured, but I opine differently. When my sickness started, I could see all sorts of furniture and goods in my house; but now, when he says he has regained my sight, I can see neither of them.”
The statement of the woman, as a matter of fact, opened the judge’s eye. He came to detect what happened and ordered the physician to compensate for all the household things the woman lost.

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