Necessity of Discipline- Composition

Discipline/Necessity of Discipline


Discipline simply means maintaining order in work through passage of time. In other words, discipline is obedience to certain rules and regulations, a code of conduct with commitment to adjust to the upper field. It is a moral quality as well as quality of nature. Without it no progress is possible in life but all the efforts are bound to fall disordered.

Discipline is the law of nature. Each part of the environment has to adjust itself to the whole. Rising and setting of the sun and the moon, movement of the heavenly bodies– stars and planets in the space-all occurs in discipline. The seasons come in the world in order. Growing of the plants, making nests by the birds- all are the examples of discipline. All of the men in the world- wherever in the society or family or state are bound to abide by discipline.

Discipline in the life and activities of the army are glaring example in this case. A soldier must abide by the order of his upper commander to the letter. If one neglects the chain of command, one must be punished as per martial law. All of the sportsmen in playground must obey discipline. One, who acts disorderly in the field, is to be punished or leave the field.

Schools and colleges are the best practice ground of discipline for a student where all run in discipline. Classes start, are held and end in a routine-bound way followed by the ringing of bell. Morning assembly held everyday is the practical lesson of learning discipline.

Laws of the state, a society, a family or international agencies are nothing but the code of conduct to compel people to go through discipline so that all can live happily. Breaking discipline is considered a guilt, crime or vice in different stages of the society.

Discipline is so important in our life that no development efforts can be effective and fruitful unless discipline passes through it. Life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. It is an essential precondition for the development of a nation, society and civilization.

Allah says that He has created the whole universe step by step. He also says that if there were more than one God, everything in the heaven and earth would fall disordered. So, it is evident that the whole universe is created in discipline and should be run in discipline. So, we should be disciplined everywhere in every step of our life. Otherwise we ourselves will be responsible for disaster in the world.

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