My School Common Room- Paragraph

My School Common Room


We have a large common room in our school. It is located on the second floor of the south building of our school. It is behind our large school garden and this part of our school campus is quiet. So, it is a proper place for a common room. Our common room is well-furnished and there are many modern facilities for us. It has some chairs and tables, two sets of table tennis equipment, carom boards, chess boards, and other essential things. There is also a television set in it. Two Bengali dailies, an English daily, and a number of magazines are delivered regularly. Whenever we find time, we access the common room and refresh ourselves. Sometimes we play indoor games, sometimes read newspaper or watch TV and sometimes just gossip. As long as we stay in the common room, we feel free, relaxed, and happy. It is also a meeting place for the students. So, here we can also get acquainted with other students and cooperate with one another if the needed. Sometimes some students plying in the common room challenge others in any game and thus an inter-class competition is arranged which creates great excitement among the students. However, any political discussion is prohibited in our common room, which, undoubtedly, ensures a quiet and friendly environment for all.

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