My Reading Room- Paragraph

My Reading Room


I am a high-school student. I live with my family in a tin-shed building of a spacious home. Here I have a separate reading room at the south end of our house. It is open to two sides with a door and a window and alongside it is our family garden. The room is not very big but I have furnished it as my liking. It has a chair, a table, a ceiling fan, a single bed, a book-shelf, a wall clock, and other essential things. All of my books are kept in a wooden book-self. I have also another small shelf made of wood and glass in which I keep my scientific equipment and necessary working tools with which I, sometimes, run an experiment on different scientific matters. So my reading room is also a mini-laboratory. My sports materials are kept under the cot. There are also some pictures of the world-famous personalities attached on the wall in my reading room. A number of charts and some of my selected drawings and paintings are also put with them. I feel easy and relaxed in my reading room. I enjoy staying in it whether I study or take a rest or do other works as sweet odor of blooming flowers from the garden always drifts into my room. When there is no stress of study I, with my younger brother and sister, and sometimes with friends gossip here. I scarcely sleep in my reading room at night unless guests crowd our house. I think my reading room is an ideal one for studying with a mind full of joy and attention.

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