My Neighbors- Paragraph

My Neighbors


Neighbors are those who live near and alongside our house. Man is a social being and he cannot live alone. Since the dawn of creation, whether in the deep forest or in civilized society, men have been living together on the basis of mutual cooperation. Hence he must have neighbors. I have also some neighbors. I live in a outskirts Dhaka in a one-storied building. Ours is a middle-class family and my father is a government employee. But our neighbors are of various cultures, values, and social classes. Some of them help me and some are helped by me. Again, some teach me and some others learn from me. But truly speaking, I enjoy living amidst the persons with a variety of tastes and natures. Next to our door lives a business family. This is an uneducated family but they do not boast of their wealth which is usual for the wealthy. They are also very communicative and hospitable. Again a journalist couple lives on the left side of our house. They live a very disciplined and cultured life with their only male-child. They appears very curious about everything and often offer us to seek help if necessary. On the right, next to the small pond lives an extended family. They are religious-minded and God-fearing and certainly conservative. The head of the family is a principal of a renowned madrasah. Most of the members of the family are highly educated in religious education. I think having a neighbor like them is really a matter of good luck to anybody. It is really amazing that they always prefer giving something to others to taking from them. On the other side of the road in front of our house live a number of worker-families. They are construction workers. I sometimes visit their houses and make inquiries about their family life. However; as I am helpful to them; so are my neighbors. We often meet together in social gathering and family ceremonies and always share our joys and sorrows. I think the co-existence with my neighbors of different cultures and classes make me wiser every day.

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