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My Hobby/My Favorite Hobby


Hobby is the habit of doing something for the sake of life, mind and pleasure. It is not one’s profession. It gives our life relief from tiredness, annoyance, dullness and monotony.

Everybody has his /her own hobby. I have a hobby also. My favorite hobby is gardening. I am very fond of flowers. So I have selected gardening as my hobby. I spend my time, energy and money to exercise my hobby for recreation.

My garden is in front of our house. I have made this garden myself. To prepare the garden, I have ploughed this land , rooted out the weeds and made a fence around it. Then I plant plants of different flowers. I water the plants every day. There are many flowers in my garden. Of them, the rose, the belly, the gandharaj, the hasnahena, the rajanigandha are famous. Every morning I work in my garden with spades, hoe, scissors etc. Returning from school, I water my garden every day especially in the dry season. I weed out the garden once a week. I also put fertilizer in it when they need.

Man needs bread for his body’s existence. But he has also to satisfy his mind’s hunger. I do my gardening for this mental satisfaction. When flowers grow and bloom and begin spreading smells and exposing beauty, my heart gets filled with a great delight. At times bees come to the flowers, sit on them and collect honey and hum all day long which soothes my eyes. Sometimes I gift flowers to my friends and also use flowers of my garden on some occasions which makes me feel proud. Such works keep my mind fresh and I can go to my reading room with a mind full of joy.

Gardening gives me no money. But it ensures freshness and soundness of my mind. So it has become a habit with me.

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