My college campus-Paragraph

My college campus


I study in a reputed college situated in the suburb near Narayangonj city. There I live in the college hostel which is why I am acquainted with every nook and corner of the college campus. The surroundings of the campus is actually a perfect living area combination of rural and urban environment. My college campus is extended over fifty acres of land with a big playground inside. During the British rule, one of the then Zaminders donated this land for the college. Separate buildings house science, arts and commerce faculties. Besides, there are administrative building, auditorium, canteen, gymnasium, library, stuff-quarters, hostels and mosques inside the campus. Actually, this is an old college of the district that was established in 1909. So the campus grew up in the soothing natural environment. Rows of trees and flower-garden with chirping of different birds are frequently seen in and out of the campus. Hostels are placed on the western part of the area beyond din and bustle of the college. The Shaheed Minar is on the northern part and the Rover scout building is to the east adjacent to the northern wall. A part of this building is used as the students union office. The main entrance is on south-side and left it lies a car parking area. There is a big pond behind the science building. Hostel residents are frequently seen bathing there. Whole of the campus is covered with green grass. So there is ample scope for the students to sit and gossip together here and there. Nowadays it is usual that a university is opened in a seemingly air-tight tall building where students have no scope to take a fresh breath. In this respect, I’m lucky that I study in a college whose campus can be termed as a big park.

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