The mouse and the greedy frog- Story

The frog and the mouse/The mouse and the greedy frog

Once upon a time a frog and a mouse were close friends and they lived beside a stream. At times, the frog went to visit the mouse at his home and they both enjoyed sharing the foods and other things the mouse had stored.
One day the frog invited the mouse to his house. The mouse is ready to go to the frog’s shelter into the stream. But the poor mouse didn’t know how to swim. The frog assured him saying, “No problem friend, I’ll carry you on my back.” The mouse instantly agreed to this proposal. But he didn’t know that the frog had a vicious plan with the mouse.
Halfway across the stream, the wicked frog started to implement the wicked thoughts of eating the mouse. So he attempted to dive for the bottom of the stream.
This time the mouse could realize that his life was at stake. He started crying for help to save his life from this danger. Incidentally, a hawk was flying above the stream. He was overlooking the scene and instantly swooped down upon the mouse to save him from the clutch of the frog. The hawk picked him up with its beak and started to fly high into the sky. The frog that was tied previously to the mouse was also lifted away.
Now the frog could realize his mistake. Out of greed to get more food, he had not only lost his good friend but also put his life into danger.

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