Mosquito Menace- Paragraph

Mosquito Menace


The mosquito menace severely disrupts the peaceful life of common people. Though both rural and urban areas are spreading and breeding ground for mosquitoes, the city dwellers are the worst sufferers of it. The mosquito is a small insect. It bites both men and animals but it causes diseases in the human body and creates annoyance in men’s daily activities. Usually, a mosquito bites men to feed on their blood. But in course of its blood-sucking action, mosquito transfers parasites of malaria or other diseases from the affected person into a healthy person’s blood.MOSQUITO MANACE PARAGRAPH Thus it acts as the agent of dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. So spreading mosquitoes is a matter of great concern all over the country. As mosquito irritates, people cannot work easefully and peacefully at night and even, somewhere, at day time. Students cannot concentrate on their studies. While sleeping, many people use mosquito curtains to save them but during work, it is impossible to avoid mosquito biting completely. So people living with mosquito are always at threat of getting affected by those diseases. The living and breeding ground of mosquito is stagnant water, drain water, waste materials, bushes, and ponds, especially, where water hyacinth and other watery creepers grow. So to get rid of the mosquito menace, we must clear up our surroundings cluttered with bushes, herbs, weeds, hyacinths, and wastes so that mosquito cannot be spread up. Stagnant pools of water should be cleaned. Anti-mosquito chemicals should be sprayed. The government should continue mosquito-killing expedition on regular basis. Mass consciousness and joint efforts by the government and people can mostly relieve us from the mosquito menace.

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